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Time for a history lesson.

It was 2011. It was the time when contemporary pop-surreal collage exploded in popularity. You know the type I’m talking about. Before that time, collage remained in the fringes, and few people paid attention to it. Its dada style until then was rather difficult to get into. I confess that collage was my least-favorite art form before that time…

But starting in 2010, taking shape in 2011, and solidifying in 2012, a new style emerged. It had elements of classic surrealism, pop art, and an added wow-factor. It literally took Tumblr via storm at the time, and it still goes strong.

We have to pay homage to some of the pioneering pop-collage artists who transformed collage in 2011: Jesse Treece, Mesineto, GlassPlanet, Ben Giles, Beth Hoeckel, Cur3es (his 2011 collage can be seen above), and others. Without them, I would have never given the genre a try. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first witnessed such works in April 2012. My first thoughts were: “that’s not the type of collage I remember hating”.

Today, pop-collage artists are aplenty and they spring up like mushrooms. We currently live in the Golden Age of Collage, and hopefully, that will last for another 2-3 years.
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